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The flippin'eck warmer - Premium single skin

The flippin'eck warmer - Premium single skin


MOTO MAC got you covered and warm, whether is keeping the RONA out or keeping the old flippin eck warm this snood does it all. Multifunctional, multicoloured, multi summit else... ye shes class. WHIP WHIP NEY NEY! BRAAAPPPPPP

Color: Black
  • Straight from the duck's bill...

    The team at MOTO MAC have tried, tested and developed every product offered to our customers. We pride ourselves on adding in that extra bit of BRRRAAPPPPPP in every aspect of life. Whether its Sunday sends or the sourcing and quality of our products we go optimum 24/7.


    We want you to love & enjoy our products for years to come. We have some of the world best athletes using our products and if they were not anything but the best, we simply wouldn't be putting our name against them.

    If you aren't happy with your MOTO MAC product(s) then please return them within 14 days of receiving them. If it's as we sent it out, you will receive a money back guarantee on your purchase. Let’s keep things simple. For full information visit our returns policy.

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