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The Absolute MAC - Blue - Adults

The Absolute MAC - Blue - Adults


"The most durable & versatile oversize coat on the market" - Dan Mundell.


We went through months of product testing and development to bring you our range of MACs. The warmest, cosiest, driest and most durable MAC we could make. Seriously its heller good.


Your size (based on your height):

Small - 134 - 170cm
Medium - 171 - 180cm
Large - 181 - 194cm
X-Large - 195cm or more


Our MACs feature:


- Quick dry outers made from super waterproof nylon

- Extra plush & cozy fleece lining extending to the hood

- Resin zips for ultimate durability against the elements including saltwater

- Adjustable velcro cuffs to suit all sizes

- Minimum seams to ensure ultimate protection - tested with a pressure washer!

- Internal chest pocket for dry store of valuable items


Want the ultimate protection from the elements when you are trackside, keeping warm between moto's or even for the dreaded wash down after an ultimate day in the mud... look no further. The absolute MAC is the one.


FABRIC: Nylon with PU coating

WEIGHT: 1.6kg

Washing Instructions

Wash in cold water only. Do not bleach. Hang dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. No

  • Straight from the duck's bill...

    The team at MOTO MAC have tried, tested and developed every product offered to our customers.

    We pride ourselves on adding in that extra bit of BRRRAAPPPPPP in every aspect of life. Whether its Sunday sends or the sourcing and quality of our products we go optimum 24/7.


    We want you to love & enjoy our products for years to come. We have some of the world best athletes using our products and if they were not anything but the best, we simply wouldn't be putting our name against them.